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Customer Success Stories

sarahThrough the strategies I’ve learned from the negotiation team, I’ve been able to relieve the pressure from other party’s proposed teams and deadlines. I learned specific strategies and tactics that helped our negotiating team set timely objectives so that the negotiation process proceeded at an acceptable rate. Both parties were very satisfied with the timing and the terms brought about through negotiations -- Sarah Gilligan (Gilligan Industries).

Customer Success Stories

martinI'm very glad to have invested in these negotiation training services. Using the strategies I learned about negotiation has made a huge positive impact on my business -- Martin Lucas (Lucas Industries).

What Can You Get With Negotiation.Coach?

Now you can negotiation almost any kind of deals for your business using Negotiation.Coach services


  • Increased Productivity

    Our contract review services helps you sort through confusing contracts so that your business engages in contracts that are profitable.

  • Develop Stronger Business Relationships

    Learn how to avoid conflict by identifying potential problems. Strong business relationships are key to successful negotiations and solutions.

  • Create more Win-Win solutions

    The goal of negotiations is win-win outcomes. These occur when you understand the importance of the various roles you and others fill when negotiating.

  • Negotiate with Passion and Persuasion

    You need the right terms to reach positive outcomes. By learning a variety of strategies and tactics you can overcome objections raised by other parties and realize more financial benefits for your business.

  • Develop Beneficial Life Skills

    Negotiation is part of everyday life. We help you develop skills such as critical thinking and bargaining so you experience success across the board.

  • Protect Your Business Assets

    By having an unbiased third party involved in contract reviews, you can prevent misunderstandings that lead to losses.

Contract Review Increases Productivity

We all know good business comes down to the bottom dollar. By learning and implementing effective negotiation strategies your business will increase productivity and save money in the long run.

I'll Even Guarantee Your Money!

I want to make this even easier for you, so I’m also going to remove all risk from your decision.

When you sign up right now, you’ll be covered by my 100% money-back guarantee.

Take a full two weeks to check it out, try out the tips, tactics, and techniques that I share, and see what it can do for you.

Then, if you decide this is not the right time to try our strategies, just ask me for a refund, and I’ll send you back the full money back just for giving it try.

And, I’ll let you keep the training materials as a thanks for giving it a try.

Develop Stronger Business Relationships and Create more Win-Win Solutions

Although every effort at negotiation will not have a win-win solution, you can achieve it more often through implementing our negotiation strategies.


Prevent Penalties

Thorough review of contracts can help prevent penalties, breach of contract or one-sided stipulations.

Profitable Business Relationships

Build profitable business relationships by fostering respect and trust.

Long Standing Solutions

Develop long standing solutions instead of unprofitable temporary results.

Develop Effective Skill Sets

Enhance negotiation efforts to create effective solutions by developing specific skill sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow does contract review services work?

    Prior to signing any contract, allow our expert staff to review it. We can break the terminology apart and decipher any confusing language so that your business does not get caught in a financial dilemma. After thorough examination our team will explain the contractual terms to your personnel so that there is no confusion.

  • q-iconWho can benefit from negotiation coaching?

    Negotiation coaching and training is beneficial for contract negotiators, buyers, purchasing agents, professional service providers. Business professionals need to know how to perform successful business deals and how to negotiate effectively.

  • q-iconWhat kind of successes should we expect from your negotiation training services?

    Our training will equip you with all the negotiation basics needed to engage successfully with other negotiating parties. You will learn specific skills such as overcoming other party’s objectives, recognizing when other parties are stalling, deceiving or trying to divert attention. These strategies enable you to persuasively negotiation and influence the final outcome.

  • q-iconWhat should I expect?

    After implementing our strategies, you will begin to see better results in both informal and formal negotiations. You will have more confidence in your ability to negotiate and you will improve your negotiations through proper management of emotions. You’ll create value and be able to produce more win-win solutions while developing productive business relationships.

  • q-iconIs it worth the expense?

    This is usually the first question asked by every business professional. It is always profitable to invest in strategies that are going to enhance productivity, increase revenue and help you develop more effective leaders. You will definitely see tangible profit after engaging in our negotiation coaching services.

  • q-icon

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